I make indie music from so-called Houston, Texas*, by way of Brooklyn and the Bay Area, at the intersections of pop, ambient, chillout, and folk. I was inevitably influenced by the alt rock; pop; country; contemporary, classical, and folk South Asian music; trip hop; and 90s R&B - that I heard in my childhood and early teens in Southern Ohio, and since then, my music sense has grown into the organic, atmospheric, lush,  movement-inducing, electro-acoustic music you hear today. 

I combine one-third training and two-third self-taught skills in vocal performance, electronic music production (using samples, arpeggiators, programmed drums, and synthesis), acoustic guitar, keyboard, songwriting, and sound engineering. I record, produce, and mix engineer all my own music. 


I play a central role in shaping my own visuals either by doing it myself or working closely with photographers, videographers, and other designers/artists. I further the dimensionality of “world-building through music” through my use of photo and video manipulation and animation, paper cuttings, markers on bristol board, collage, fabrics and textiles, found objects, etc.


I began writing songs in 2010 and releasing music to SoundCloud in 2012. In 2015, I committed to music and released my first EP, Life Is Grand, just my voice and a guitar. Since then, I've released singles and covers, reconciling my tendency to pick up and write songs on the acoustic guitar with my growing love and proficiency for electronic music. In 2018, I left my home in Brooklyn of five years to move to Houston, TX, to move closer to family and to devote more time to and lay a stronger foundation for my art practice. As a result, my latest EP "Breathe Me in," and single, "Ocean (feat. Xav. A.)." find my exploring a more fully realized sound.

I create from my digital home, monsoon dreaming.

"Your music is like medicine" -listener of Uliya

I'm influenced by wonders like heavy rain, tree canopies, humid air, cool mist, rolling hills towering sand dunes, wide open fields, deep bodies of water; colors like “cobalt blue” and “yellow ocher”; worlds and landscapes conjured; my healing journey; and my artistic and musical comrades.

My identities as a queer/gay, gender fluid (they/them pronouns), South-Asian American, with roots in Bombay, India and connections to Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi, and Marathi, are gifts that inform the expansiveness of my work.

"An earth angel" / "grounded fairy-like presence" -listeners of Uliya

With music, I want to build worlds or spaces that I can see in detail and move through freely, that I can feel on my fingertips and skin. I want it to be personal yet accessible; be soothing; inspire love, intimacy, tenderness, and reconciliation; promote honest self-reflection and maybe, metamorphosis; futurize, or consider expansive possibilities of what could be; and transport you, the listener, to a meditative, dream-like sanctuary.

With the community that comes with art making, my intention is to co create cultures that make space for all of me and all of everyone, that promotes our wellbeing and ability to live authentic, abundant, grounded, and conscionable lives.

My music brings me a great deal of peace and contentment because it helps me affirm my own inherent value, and make space for what I want to be there instead. I come to terms with the past and clear out what does not serve me anymore. I understand that everything changes, nothing is forever, and our future is limitless.

A "poster child for the artist that truly knows....their sound" -listener of Uliya

Music is where I feel most at home, but my other interests include photography, visual arts, crafts, writing, cooking, and movement; mentoring, giving workshops, creative directing, project managing; building queer and trans community building, event planning, performing mutual aid, and sharing resources, and learnings, and other media.


"The seeds we plant will grow to be a field of flowers, a sanctuary — a forest filled with love and endless wonder." -lyric from "Endless Wonder," off my EP, Breathe Me In

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. That's pretty special to me. If you did, I would love to know. I hope you stay in touch.

*So-called here as an acknowledgment that I live uninvited on the ancestral lands of the Atakapa-Ishak people. I've also been deeply influenced by my spent time in so-called Brooklyn, NY, 5 years on Lenape land, Berkeley, CA, 5 years on Ohlone land, and Cincinnati, Ohio, 18 years on Delaware, Shawnee, and Miami land.