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March 20, 2018


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Singer-Songwriter Uliya Sonorously Renders Mental Health in New Single

“Medicine” is a Self-Portrait of a Queer Artist Navigating Relationships and Life


New York, NY – Self-produced singer, songwriter, and sonic storyteller, Uliya, released their new single, "Medicine," today on the Spring equinox, 3/20/18, wherever music is available. Medicine is their first single in series of singles releasing over the next year. Medicine is a self-portrait of a young, queer South Asian artist navigating relationships and life in a big city. 


“There's a lot of pressure to keep things on the surface and easy; it can be hard to be vulnerable,” says Uliya. “I think of ’Medicine’ as being in conversation with Raleigh Ritchie's ‘Stay Inside.’ His portrayal of mental health is inspiring in its honesty and rawness. Drawing from Ritchie’s inspiration, in my new single I explore how mental health struggles can  show up in my own life and experience.”


Uliya is a self-produced, singer, sonic storyteller and heart worker. The product of Bombayites, Uliya was born and raised in Southern Ohio, entered adulthood in the Bay Area and now has the privilege of calling Brooklyn home. Drawing on a myriad of influences, Uliya creates music that is altogether intimate, atmospheric and movement-inducing.

“I hope the songs I write can have an impact and that people feel something real,” says Uliya. “I don't think a song needs to be happy and upbeat to be cathartic. Many people especially those who experience a lot of external distress have to hold in a lot, and are not provided the space or the moment to reflect, feel, meditate and process. My hope is my music can help create that space.”


Come be healed by Uliya’s cathartic, metamorphic and meditative soundscapes. Check out the new single “Medicine” at and all of their music on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music—just search “Uliya.” Uliya believes that true artistic innovation will only take place if artists unconditionally support one another. Artists and listeners alike are welcomed to reach out to Uliya directly or to learn about upcoming projects at



Cover art (background image) by K Santos, based on photo by M Castillo

Music/lyrics/production by me, Uliya 
Mixing by Robert Don
Mastering by Bob Macciochi
Press release by Debi Kar