Pictured in the album art is a drawing and a polaroid capturing a moment atop Dolores Park looking out of San Francisco and my old home in Berkeley. It was in this moment that I cried and realized how much I used to dislike myself and how profoundly that has shifted. 


Covers 4 Ex Lovers is a 14-song compilation of covers recorded over the last 5 years. They span all my various DIY styles. The two digits at the beginning of each song correspond to the month and year in which the song was originally self-recorded and self-produced via computer or phone. 


I particularly cherish the first track, Thinkin About You. It was recorded with my phone on my grandmother's harmonium while sitting on a futon in our modest living room in Jogeshwari East in Bombay.  Since then, the harmonium has been destroyed by flooding in our apartment, now abandoned due to the passing of my uncle and grandmother who you hear in the background. The last track, Pa’respirar/Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein is new and is accompanied by a video which is on my youtube channel. 


The release of this compilation punctuates the end of a period of time for me; I'm letting go of what does not serve in love and sex and embracing a path towards self love. I continue to nurture abundant love, seeing it take root in the universe and expand into ever molecule and atom. I open my heart and life to spiritual and physical nourishment, understanding that it never serves to choose or accept deprivation and scarcity. Let’s honor our needs and challenge each other to do the same. 


Thank you to all my ex lovers; you’ve each taught me so much about myself. I wish your each of your lives to be filled with love, peace, and joy.



live bedroom session

Background image/poster

based on photo

by M Castillo