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What does it mean to monsoon dream?

I conceptualized monsoon dreaming as my permanent home for my art practice in metaphysical and digital space, in a world that is often physically transient for me as a queer and gender fluid person.

Monsoons are characterized by heavy rain, strong winds, and a seasonal shift. They cleanse and clear out the old and give life to the new.

To monsoon dream means to reflect on change, transformation, and metamorphosis, which is especially poignant for queer and trans BIPOC bodies.

monsoon dreaming is at different times a production house; an artist residency; a publisher and record label for music; and an arts and communications consultancy.

Work with me

Any nourishing and fruitful collaboration requires clear communication on expectations. So before initiating any work, we will start with a conversation to see if it's mutually a good fit.

  • Book me for live shows or interviews

  • Use my music in your projects (sync [film and TV], other video, radio/podcasts, dance, performance art, mixed-media, etc)

  • Artist-to-artist collaboration

    • I value collaboration vs musician-for-hire work and enjoy giving and receiving candid yet compassionate and constructive feedback. I seek collaborations where all parties bring their own energy, enthusiasm, and experience to the table.

    • I’m interested in working with other producers and singer-songwriters on new work and also with visual artists, dancers, poets, writers etc to create interdisciplinary work together. Some ways we could work together:

    • I prefer you contact me directly, but you can also find me on sound better.

    • Gear: Yamaha P-121, iPad, Rode NT2, Focusrite, JBL monitors, 

    • Software: Logic Pro X, Loopy HD, MainStage, OBS, Adobe Photoshop, Davinci Resolve, Procreate

  • Artist talks

    • Live, in-person or virtual, or recorded tutorials under 20 minutes and interactive artist talks with planned activities virtual or in-person about 45 minutes for groups of 25 individuals or fewer

    • ​More topics upon request - topics will be tailored to the needs of the group:

      • Discipline and creative workflow to create something from nothing

      • Navigating with performance nervousness and imposter syndrome

      • Intro to solo singer-songwriter-producing

      • How to create music for free 

      • My personal creative journey, creative process, and work flow

      • An interactive journey through Uliya's selected works - a set of 5-7 songs with the meaning/story behind each song and dialogue with participants 

      • Developing, evolving and refining an artistic purpose; embodying your values in artmaking

  • Special projects with organizations

  • Mentorship & feedback

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