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Newsletter archive

As I launch the monsoon dreaming newsletter, I wanted to also share the archive from mailchimp:

03/17/2020 - What can we do? First, stay home.

02/05/2020 - New song out today!

10/25/2019 - New decade, new music

08/01/2019 - New music: Greener by Anju and Uliya

04/19/2019 - Correction: "Divine" is out today not "Castles"

04/19/2019 - New music, Castles, from Uliya

03/31/2019 - New music, Castles, from Uliya

10/25/2018 - New music and more from Uliya <3

07/26/2018 - Midsummer Uliya update: new music and more

03/20/2018 - Happy Spring! New single is out! 

[Image description: Uliya sits on a stool with one leg up and one leg down. They have on black denim shorts, brown cowboy boots, a white tanktop, and a splotchy blue oversized shirt that's open. Their hair is past their shoulders. It's nighttime and their being lit by a headlight.]