Work With Me

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Collaboration (Email me)

I accept payment in the form of a portion of publishing and/or recording royalties and work on projects where I'm listed as co-creator or feat.

  • Melody, lyrics, and vocals*

  • Melody and vocals only*

  • Lyrics and vocals only*

  • Vocals only**

  • Remixes:

-Remix my song***

-I remix your song***

I prefer you contact me directly for "collaboration," but you can also find me on sound better, air gigs, or melody nest

*Publishing and recording royalty percentage, non negotiable

**Recording royalties percentage, non negotiable

***50/50 recording royalties

Creative consulting (Email me)

Paid per hour, sliding scale and barter available.

Music direction (I prefer you contact me directly for "music direction," but you can also find me on sound better, air gigs, or melody nest)

  • Providing detailed feedback on:




-Mixing (not Mastering)

Creative direction

  • Providing feedback on, but not limited to:

-Writing (bios, communications, etc)


-Cover art

-Lyric videos, canvas videos

-Styling in visuals

-Color story in visuals

Start-up coaching for singer-songwriter-producers (see this blog post first)

  • Up to three (3) sessions to help get you started

Get un-stuck/overwhelm coaching for artists and creatives

  • Up to three (3) sessions to help you get un-stuck in creative, business, and project management (ie, discipline, timelines, etc) aspects of being a singer-songwriter-producer or other artistry

Start-up coaching for artists looking to get into copy editing (see this blog post first)

  • One (1) session to help you get started

Get un-stuck/overwhelm for artists supplementing income via non-creative employment

  • One (1) session to help increase confidence in job searching and navigating workspaces and avoid under compensation

Short and long workshops in person or via live or recorded video (Email me)

Paid per hour, sliding scale and pro bono available

  • Developing a creative workflow and creating something from nothing (for aspiring to experienced artists)

  • My personal creative journey, creative process, and work flow (for everyone)

  • Intro to solo singer-songwriter-producing (for aspiring artists )

  • How to setup a home studio affordably (for beginners)

  • Your art is important: Refining your artistic purpose (for committed artists)

  • Authenticity & personal "branding" (for committed artists)

  • Cooperation, abundance, and problem solving through beat making (for children groups)

  • How to create electronic music for free (for everyone)

Other organizational collaboration (Email me)

Proofreading/copy-editing (See LinkedIn)

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