about Uliya

I'm a queer, they/them pronoun using, singer-songwriter-producer and sound engineer. I also use my own writing, using my blog, and visual art, including video, photography, and graphic art, to contextualize the music.


I create for everyone from my digital home, monsoon dreaming.

I'm always experimenting in my various creative and sonic laboratories. I cobble together training and self-taught skills in electronic music production, acoustic guitar, songwriting, and vocal performance, my primary artistic vehicles. Like my gender (wink wink), my art practice is fluid and every-evolving.

With primary roots in what was once Bombay, and ancestral roots in the states of Karnataka and Gujarat in South Asia, I embrace hybridity in my goal to generate cinematic, melodic, movement-inducing sounds that encourage catharsis, inspiration, connectedness, and tenderness while challenging notions of what is normal (ie, dominant) as a diasporic South Asian person. I love working with others to help bring work into the world that expands expressive potentials, moves/soothes both creators and patrons, shifts perspectives, and makes waves that disintegrates borders and uplifts people.


I'm currently based in Houston, TX (on the lands of the Karankawa and Atakapa people). I was born and raised raised in Cincinnati, OH (lands of the Algonquian speaking people, including the Delaware, Myaamia [Miami], and Shawnee), and was based for about 5 years in Brooklyn, NY (lands of the Lenape people) and 4 years in Berkeley, CA (unceded lands of the Ohlone people).

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